For many years, decades in fact, our various Governments have indulged in what I now call quite simply “The betrayal of Australia“. The list of industries that once made our countries heart pump hot and prosperous are gone under the mantra of globalisation and free trade.

The problem is Billions of dollars and hundreds of industries and many thousands of jobs were lost, as we paid some other Country to do what we should have done for ourselves. Now we may get a shiny new yet inferior product on the cheap, but the money spent, and the jobs lost to our economy has hurt us far more in the long term than any short term saving experienced.

Politicians have repeatedly told us, we need to live within our means, as we wait for the promised jobs and growth, or the jobs of the future. As expected the details from both major parties are always very sketchy on where those jobs and growth and jobs of the future are actually coming from, but by god by 2035 its going to be fantastic, just vote for us and it will be so.

Of course most of these jobs are casualized, and because of that too many people still require Government supports so they can afford to live and pay rent, but that never rates a mention does it. No holiday pay, no sick days, and no entitlements that these Canberra mongrels won’t take away from you given half a chance.

It’s far too easy to see what’s gone wrong, industries gone and workers unemployed equates to less spending in local businesses. Less taxes get paid, which is why they now attack low income earners and cut services and supports as those clearly foreseeable costs started to rise.

Bottom line is, they can no longer afford or hide the mess which THEY have created in Australia. Have you ever heard any Politician publicly announced what over 1 Million unemployed and underemployed workers costs Australia every two weeks when the payments go out?. Of course not, they prefer you to blame boat people, immigrants, Asians, Muslims, foreign aid, single parents, our pensioners and the unemployed…….but don’t ever blame the Politicians and corporate raiders, it’s not their fault.

The increased selling of the Country and with it our ability to generate our own income is short sighted, stupid and irresponsible. But economists and Politicians cry it can’t be done…it doesn’t work like that the very moment you bring up these ideas.

What they actually mean is the Government approved system which Corporations designed since the 80’s; a system which serves big corporations first, ordinary people second doesn’t work like that. Common sense tells anyone  that if you own a goose that lays golden eggs, you don’t sell the goose, you sell the eggs. But free traders and trickle down profiteers sell the goose for a quick profit today, and forget about the miserable future of tomorrow.

We must drive new innovation and advancement, the peak time of coal is slowly becoming over, and endlessly beating that dying horse is a pointless waste of tax payer’s money. Look to the future, invest in renewables, nuclear and other real innovation to regenerate industries. We need large projects and new advancements, like high speed rail, dams, pipelines,  half the bloody country holds iron ore, so why not steel production, why not return to refining our own fuels, surely all our reserves cant have been sold off yet.

Free trade, globalisation and crony politics is why there’s no jobs, why we barely create anything anymore. We just import cheap and nasty products, we are becoming consumers, not producers, and you can 100% blame the Liberal and Labor parties for that.

The looming free trade, foreign ownership future is not acceptable to me, and I don’t believe it’s acceptable to most Australians either, not if we are being completely honest with each other.

It’s time to remember we do have the resources and capabilities to do for ourselves and make that our priority, not tolerating shithead politicians busy pandering to greedy conglomerates who want to control the worlds resources and markets.