Curiosity and Challenge

So many questions but so few adequate answers


Since first discovering social media I have chatted with many, argued with some and on occasion vigorously abused others. But far too often I have been completely baffled by the unbridled selfish lunacy that seems to be growing in Australia

In my life I have travelled far and wide in our beautiful country, met incredible big hearted country people, fought some, drank with most of them but always walked away feeling I had grown, learnt or in some way benefited from the experience. Same with the cities, good and bad, weak and strong, the very kind and some pure low bastards have crossed my path effecting my life and making me the person I am today.

Careers have included farmer, jackaroo, shearer, ditch digger, truck driver, infantry soldier with the Second Royal Australian Regiment, and a dozen others.

My views are my own I have no affiliation with any agency, department or political party. This is the way I operate as I judge my beliefs on behaviour and results, NOT a blind unwavering faith in any group or individual.

I love my country and I hate the crumbling of its structure and society that we see slowly occurring via our Parliament, the Courts, legislation and growing acceptance of lunatic behaviour and never ending fringe attacks by electronic cowards in hiding.

Curiosity and Challenge is an honest attempt to discuss ideas, share concerns and seek resolutions, rather than simply vomit the current talking points being poured out of a dysfunctional and too often compromised media.

Australia first, with honesty, integrity and accountability aspired to always.



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